Weekly Guided Meditations

Join Us for a Guided Meditation Each Week

Every Wednesday at 9:00 pm EST

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Each week, one of our meditation guides will lead a live custom guided meditation to a group of meditators. These sessions will be 45 minutes and will include a 30-minute meditation, and 15 minutes of discussion. 

Each session will be a different topic, and we will let you know the topics well in advance of each session. Meditation topics may include: 


Every Wednesday at 9:00 pm EST


Our guided meditations will be hosted on Zoom. Each week you will receive a link to join. All subscribers will have access to the meditation recordings


Your first month is free! After that, you will be billed $30 each month. You are welcome to cancel at any time, without penalty.

Checkout below using the payment card of your choice, or your Paypal account. Your first month is free and after that you will be billed 

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