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Weekly Guided Meditation

Join Us for a Guided Meditation Each Week

Every Wednesday at 8:30 pm ET

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Our weekly guided meditation is a place to explore and learn about mindfulness topics, experience a guided practice, and have space for community sharing.

When we gather together to share our practice we are all stronger. Group practice allows us to support one another, practice mindful listening and mindful speech. This increases a sense of connection while allowing people to feel seen and valued. When we practice together, we increase our sense of belonging to a community.



$50 per month



Wednesdays at 8:30 pm ET



Via Zoom

Our first session will be on March 8th

Our Mission
To provide a safe, welcoming, and accepting space for all participants to grow their practice within a supportive community.


Each week, one of our meditation guides will lead a live custom guided meditation to a group of meditators.


Each Session will include a:

  • 10-minute introduction

  • 20-minute meditation

  • 15-minute discussion (optional for you to participate)

Each session will be a different topic, and we will let you know the topics in advance of each session. ​

Target Audience

We welcome​ meditators of all experience levels from beginner to expert. No prior meditation experience necessary!


Participating in the Weekly Guided, you will learn from a variety of coaches - all with different styles and techniques! Some of the meditations styles you will learn and practice will include:

  • Body scans 

  • Breathing techniques

  • Guided visualizations

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Checkout below using the payment card of your choice, or your Paypal account. 


Our first session will begin March 8th, and your subscription will be paused until then.

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Weekly Guided Meditation

Billed each month

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