About Us

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Who We Are

Calm Scholar connects people looking to practice meditation as a means of healing with meditation guides who can support them throughout their journey. We have seen and personally experienced how meditation can help people heal and transform their lives, and want to help spread this valuable practice.

Calm Scholar started as a way to help people learn the fundamentals of meditation. But as time went on, we discovered something profound: having a real person there to support the healing journey was more helpful than simply the concepts alone. With this realization, we started Calm Scholar Meditation Coaching with one mission: supporting people’s healing journeys through personal, one-on-one meditation guidance.

We have found that there is no better way to learn and experience meditation than with the help of a personal guide, and seek to grow one-on-one meditation guidance as a service which people can use to find the peace and happiness which we all seek.

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What We Do

What we do is more than simply teach people how to meditate.

Our personal guides take the time to get to know you and why you are looking to meditate in the first place. Whether it is unaddressed trauma, grief, or a sense of disconnection that is causing you to look to meditation for the answer, we will use meditation and mindfulness to bring healing and acceptance to the areas you need it most. 

We know that meditating on your own or with an app can sometimes be challenging or confusing, so we seek to give people the personal attention, support, and guidance they need. 

Through our live, virtual, one-on-one meditation sessions, we offer a space for perspective-gaining dialogue and personal guided meditations to help you feel better, explore your mind and spirituality, and open your heart.


Our Meditation Guides

​Calm Scholar's network of meditation guides is comprised of individuals who are committed to their own internal work, and have a desire to share their insights and understanding with others. Our coaches are looking to listen to you, understand your needs, and craft a meditation plan which addresses your unique personality and life situation. 

Calm Scholar guides do not conform to any single central meditation philosophy. Instead, each guide is encouraged to bring their own unique understanding of meditation so that they can best meet the needs of their clients.  

We have a personal relationship with each coach and are confident in their abilities to create a healing space for anyone. If you find that your guide isn’t the right fit for you, we are here to consult with you and help you connect with someone who can better address your needs.

We work to ensure that our team of guides includes a diverse collection of individuals representing different backgrounds, philosophies, techniques, etc. so that we can best serve the needs of our diverse customer base.