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Liam Norfleet

Respect yourself, love yourself, because there has never been a person like you and there never will be again

- Osho  

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Experience a Guided Meditation with Liam:

Personal Message

Meditation has the power to change your life in many surprising ways. Whether you're just getting started or have been practicing for years, we will go through a range of meditation techniques that will help you heal and grow into your true self! These are not ordinary practices. I include deep self-love with mindful attention on the mind/body connection of my clients. This allows them to explore who they truly want to be, letting any expectations imposed by society fall away.


I am so excited because I know firsthand how healing these processes can be. After struggling all my life feeling stuck between two worlds.


Meditations has been a part of my life since before I can remember. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I would sneak around back of a nearby temple and listen to the hymns and prayers from the monks. I would get so wrapped up in their melodies, I would sit there and go into a meditative state without even knowing I was doing it. All of the  meditation rituals were performed everyday, and I would try to copy them. From the chants to their instrument playing. It didn't take long before these activities became second nature to me!


Meditation is an art that can be learned and improved with practice. I love to see people progress from beginners, through those who are already familiar but would like more advanced techniques or methods; all the way up towards enlightenment!

Note from Calm Scholar

Liam is an extraordinary individual. He is extremely kind and gentle, and his meditations are profound guided inner journeys that you take to a place of peace. Instead of sitting and passively listening to someone guide you, Liam asks for your feedback along the way, and creates meaningful inner experiences with you. He uses these guided visualizations to address the areas you need most, ultimately leading to greater self-love, self-awareness, and self-growth. We recommend Liam for people looking for heart-centered, visualization based meditation. 

We would recommend working with Liam if you are looking to: 

  • Develop greater self-awareness, self-love, and self-healing

  • Experience a heart-centered approach to meditation which included guided visualizations and inner journeys 

  • Have an open and interactive dialogue that helps shape your experience

Areas of Specialty

Some of my areas of specialty include: 

  • Self Love, Healing, and Awareness Meditation

  • Self Acceptance 

  • Sound Therapy Meditation

  • Resentment Release

  • Somatic Meditation

Additionally, you will benefit working with me if you are looking to: 

  • Gain perspective on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences

  • Be led through custom guided meditations

  • Explore new discoveries about yourself

  • Feel more love for myself and others

  • Receive encouragement and support

  • Receive perspective on old/bad habits

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Calm any obsessive / intrusive thinking

  • Learn to respond and not to overact

Certifications and Credentials

  • 150 Hours Jin Shin Do Certified by National Holistic Institute

  • 150 Hours in Reiki Certified by Kurama-dera Temple Program

  • 150 Hours in Heavenly Guardians Meditation by Kurama-dera Temple Program

  • 100 Hours in Qi Gong Certified by Amayen Sanctuary

  • 100 Hours in Chakra Meditation by Amayen Sanctuary

  • 75 Hours in Sound Therapy Certified by National Holistic Institute


Get to know Liam more personally during this one-on-one conversation where she discusses his background, coaching style, and leads a guided meditation.


Liam's approach to working with clients is extremely unique, and we're proud to showcase that in today's episode. Using guided inner journeys and visualizations, Liam helps clients feel, sense, and experience their inner world and emotions in entirely new ways. Talking to Liam, you get the sense that he is a healer at heart, and that sharing this work is his life's mission. Near the end of our conversation, Liam leads us on a beautiful meditation, which you can also find hosted above.

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Meet and Meditate with Liam

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