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Lynette Sprowls

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.

- Rumi

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Personal Message

I would love to walk beside you on your journey of returning to more harmony, peace, and love. I specialize in helping people from all walks of life to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors, leading to reduced stress, less anxiety, and more balance.


As your coach, I will help you create a deeply sacred space where you can find the deep inner wisdom and be able to access it when needed. I support you in revealing the best version of yourself. You will be moving from your mind to your heart, and live from empowered creatorship while releasing self-imposed restrictions of the outer world.


Accountability is one of the most impactful aspects of long-term meditation coaching. For that reason, I prefer to work with clients over a minimum of 8 sessions. Having regular check-ins is essential to celebrate growth and examine any setbacks. I will be there to make sure you feel heard an supported in your vision for  greater well-being. 


If you are ready to take a bold move forward, please sign up for a complementary 30-minute session to see if I am the right coach to walk beside you on this journey of self-awakening.

It’s time to live a life full of love, laughter, passion, curiosity, and joy!


I allowed chronic illness, depression, daily stress, and childhood trauma to deplete my body and mind. This took its toll on my health and vitality. For those who are in the midst of their own struggle-know there is hope! It can get better! By learning to quiet my mind and self-regulate my emotions, I have experienced a profound transformation in my physical and mental health. I now live a vibrant life that is full of joy, exploration, and growth!

I have been on a deep spiritual journey of discovery and healing from trauma, long-term illness, childhood abuse, self-sabotaging behaviors, and misperceptions that kept me stuck. I have used the tools and techniques I have learned from my expansive education to heal, grow, and unfold into who I am, as well as to shape the way I coach. 

My goal is to meet you where you are at, helping you to connect with your heart and emotions, giving your mind relief and peace, allowing you to feel calmer and more present and finding the courage to step into the life you desire.

Note from Calm Scholar

Lynette is an expert coach who is dedicated to helping her clients. Many of her clients continue to work with her month after month because of the real impact she makes on people's lives. She is a skilled listener who is able to adapt and personalize her approach to best meet the needs of whoever she is working with.


Lynette uses a holistic approach to help her clients which not only includes meditation coaching, but also health and wellness coaching, spiritual coaching, life coaching, distance Reiki, and more.


Lynette is a fantastic well-rounded meditation coach, and we recommend her to many of our new clients who don't know where to start.

We would recommend working with Lynette if you are looking to: 

  • Get help with depression, anxiety, pain, grief, etc.

  • Feel supported and encouraged in becoming your best self

  • Receive a holistic approach towards better health and wellness

Areas of Specialty

My passion is helping my clients find the shadow parts of their subconscious that are keeping them stuck and unable to step into the life of their dreams.  If you find yourself in the habit of blaming, shaming, complaining, attacking, and withdrawing, I will help you learn techniques to detach from the mind. Learning to stop allowing the mind to control you, you step into the "solution" rather than reactivity and with this expanded awareness you step more fully into being the creator of your life. Strengthening your ability to combine the resources of the mind with deep wisdom and gut intuition.

Are you not in flow with your life and not sure why?

I specialize in helping you find and release stuck emotions and self-limiting subconscious patterns.  Stepping more fully into the life you want to live, allowing a deeper and more profound awareness and connection to what is happing in the world around you.  

As a meditation guide and coach, I offer support, guidance, and accountability as you work to integrate these changes into your day-to-day life so that you do not lose momentum.  I align with each person to allow the structure of the session to meet you where you are in the process of unfolding into the version of you that you desire.  Together we refine and define what you want in life by setting goals, prioritizing your time, execution, accountability, measurability, perseverance, and ultimately success.  

I direct client sessions using my unique resources to allow the client to release the story and focus on their goals and intentions.  I encourage you to look at the situation differently. Clear subconscious interference, understand victim mentality, stress reduction, emotional self-control, and being the creator of your life experiences.  

You will benefit working with me if: 

  • You feel stuck and unable to move forward

  • You want to quite your mind

  • You feel unmotivated

  • You are ready to release self-sabotaging behaviors

  • You are not able to control your emotions, and this is impacting your relationships

  • You are ready to take charge of your life and be the creator of your future

  • You would love to build an inner sanctuary that you can go to anytime to calm the mind

  • Silence the voice of the inner critic

  • You are looking to deepen your spiritual practice

  • You are ready to clear subconsciousness beliefs that keep you stuck

  • You want to step into the fullness of your soulful presence on earth

  • You have always been intrigued by meditation but are unsure of how to start

  • You would love tools and techniques on how to shift in beliefs, attitudes, and habits that can be life-changing

Certifications and Credentials

  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, NBC-HWC 

  • Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition

  • Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, NANP

  • HeartMath® Certified Trainer

  • Energy Codes® Coaching Certification

  • Certified BodyAwake® Yoga Teacher 

  • Post Graduate Certification in Positive Psychology Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Integrated Energy Therapy, IET

  • Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT

Podcast Interview

Get to know Lynette more personally during this conversation where she discusses her background, life story, and her approach to meditation and health and wellness coaching. During the sessions, she provides some tips on how to better regulate your nervous system, and also leads a guided meditation and breathing exercise.

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Meet and Meditate with Lynette

Calm Scholar Podcast

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