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How Can a Meditation Coach Help Me?

Discover how a great coach goes far beyond meditation to help you find healing, relief, and inner-peace. 

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Whether you’re just learning about one-on-one meditation, or have been interested in seeking out the help of a professional for a while, you may be wondering: 

"What is meditation coaching?"


"What does a meditation coach do?"

Simply put, meditation coaching is the use of an expert’s knowledge and experience in the realm of meditation (and related fields) to help you with whatever you’re facing in life. 

Our Calm Scholar meditation coaches have extensive experience helping clients who are dealing with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, grief / loss, depression, compulsive behavior, negative thought patterns, physical pain, relationship problems, low self-worth… and much more.

A Great Meditation Coach Listens to You

Why are you looking to practice mindfulness in the first place? What's happening in your daily life, and where do you need support?

Most people who come to Calm Scholar are looking into a mindfulness practice because they've heard it can help them feel better. They are looking for deeper connection, greater self-awareness and well being. Many have tried to reduce stress and calm their busy mind using meditation apps, YouTube videos, and online guided meditations.

But just a few minutes with a meditation instructor - someone who has walked the spiritual path and picked up many tools and techniques along the way - can help guide you towards living a mindful life and developing your own meditation practice much more quickly and effectively than a recorded meditation ever can.

The human connection - that's what helps us heal.

So if you're looking to find greater peace, joy, health, happiness, and wisdom - do yourself a favor and connect with someone who's life purpose is to teach people how to get in touch with their emotions and body, someone who has compassion for you, and can help you find compassion for your own self along the way.

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They Lead You in A Personalized Guided Meditation Practice

Working with someone who is dedicated to your mental health, using all the meditation tools and mindfulness techniques at their disposal, can help open doors you didn't even know were there.

Let's say you're stress out about a big presentation at work. You can find stress relief videos online, and practice some breathing techniques you learn. You may even have a mindfulness meditation practice of your own that can help you focus.

However, working with a Calm Scholar meditation coach could help bring you techniques you didn't even know would help you. Perhaps it's sending love and light to the people you'll be presenting to, or visualizing yourself in a calm, safe space. Perhaps it's breathwork techniques to release stress and build focus, something you could try before you give the presentation. Maybe what you need today is a body scan to help you feel grounded and relaxed - but what someone else needs is to to focus on the breath and flow through some yoga poses.

A meditation coach is going to listen to what you're going through, and then use mindfulness and meditation practices to help bring you the support you need.

At Calm Scholar, we make meditation personal. It's about your peace, your emotions, and your happiness. There's no 'right way' to meditate. Mindfulness practices are just practices. It's all about how it intersects with your life, your world, and who you are as a person. We're here to support you using all the skills, practices, and training available.

They hold space for you to unpack your experience 

Your Calm Scholar mindfulness coach is there to lead you in self discovery. But their job doesn't end there. Going within can often bring up difficult emotions, and that's why it's so helpful to have the support and guidance of someone who is fully present and paying attention to how you feel and respond along the way. They can help you understand what's happening in your body, and how to remain mindful and accepting of the experience.

At Calm Scholar, we strive to offer the best meditation coaching possible, and we know that it's all about creating a safe space where you can investigate and discuss your experience. It starts with meditation, but it goes far beyond.

Your confidentiality and safety is always our top priority. We hand-select professionals in the field who demonstrate the highest degrees of professionalism and compassion, and who offer a variety of different healing practices, so you can find someone who makes the biggest difference for you.

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They answer your questions

Practicing mindfulness is all about holding the present moment with acceptance and non-judgement.

At Calm Scholar, we are a judgement-free zone. There is no silly question, and no pressure to do things a 'right way'.

No matter where you're at in your journey - whether you've never meditated before, or are a seasoned professional - our meditation coaches are here to answer any and all questions you have about meditation, mindfulness, and how one-on-one coaching can work for your life.

You can schedule an introductory session here, check out our FAQs, or reach out to Calm Scholar support any time.

They create a safe space and respect your boundaries

Any meditation coach who is worth their salt will always be professional, courteous, and kind. If you're ever in a situation where you feel uncomfortably pressured, or like your boundaries are being crossed, listen to your gut.

We talk about this in our article 5 Traits to Look for in a Meditation Coach. Guided meditation with another individual is a sacred space. By nature, your meditation coach should be a mindful person, someone who has respect for your mind, body, and spirit. It's important that you feel safe in your meditations, and that your coach is checking in with you and has awareness of what's on and off-limits for you.

A great mindfulness coach is someone who is truly focused on your well being. You should always feel safe and respected in your sessions.

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They check-in and hold you accountable

Many people find it easier to practice mindfulness when they're being led through a guided meditation. You can relax your mind and let the words wash over you. You may leave each session with greater body awareness, feeling fired up to maintain a regular practice. But then... life happens!

We find ourselves struggling with the same thoughts, worries and habits in our personal and professional life. The pressures of this crazy world can start weighing us down, and we're lucky if we take another mindful breath before our head hits the pillow.

A great meditation coach will recommend something customized for you to work on between sessions. It could be practicing mindfulness exercises, journaling, goal-setting, or taking action in certain areas of your life. And beyond that, they will provide light check-ins and support in between sessions.

That's what makes Calm Scholar meditation coaching so special. Our coaches don't just teach meditation and call it a day.

They are are working to address your life, helping you find peace in the areas that really matter to you.

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They empower you to heal yourself

A great mindfulness and meditation coach is really just a mirror, pointing to the healing power within you.

Mindfulness authors like Jon Kabat Zinn and Sharon Salzberg would agree - our peace of mind must flow from within, not from external circumstances.

However, many of us feel out of touch with ourselves, consumed by stress, anxiety, self-hate, or regret.

That's where a meditation coach can really help.

By listening carefully, and crafting personalized guided meditations, a coach can help their clients explore this healing presence.

They can teach us to open our hearts to ourselves, starting with self forgiveness.

They can coach us to have greater compassion for ourselves, leading to self-trust.

They can lead us in guided meditations designed to unlock our own sense of power and purpose.

That's why the mindfulness practice is only the beginning. It's really about teaching us to become our own healer, our own support system - our own friend.

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They help you practice mindfulness on your own

Learning to meditate on your own can be life-changing. It's a practice that will support you for years to come, giving you a way to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes up so often in our daily life.

Whether you're new to meditation and not sure where to start, or you've been meditating for years, the problem is the same - you don't know what you don't know.

A meditation coach can help you find the techniques that work best for you, and then build a mindfulness practice based that feels good and works for you.

There are so many techniques to explore: from mindfulness meditation, vipassana, yoga, breathwork, self-inquiry, mindfulness based stress reduction, focused attention, open awareness... how can you begin, or discover what offers benefits in your own life?

Once you find the right meditation coach, it can all fall into place. Your coach will use all the skills they've developed so that you can live a more mindful and happy life.

But where do you go to find that person? Searching for individual coaches online can be a bit difficult, and then you're locked into their one perspective. You should feel safe and comfortable to choose someone who is right for you.

That's where Calm Scholar comes in. We can help you browse a variety of hand-selected meditation coaches, all with varied styles and approaches, united by our professionalism and heart for helping people.

You'll find what works for you, and develop the skills to practice on your own, so you can be in touch with the benefits of meditation no matter where life takes you.

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They give you tools beyond meditation you can practice in your day-to-day life

By now, you may be starting to see how meditation is only a part of what working with a Calm Scholar guide offers. We call ourselves meditation coaches, but truth is, meditation is just the beginning. We are mindfulness and holistic health guides. We are breathwork healers, reiki practitioners, intuitive visualization experts, and so much more.

We foster a community where diversity of thought and opinion is celebrated, and where there's no 'right' or 'wrong' way to meditate.

Our meditation coaches can help you build silent retreats, or learn to do the lion's roar and open the throat chakra. We can teach you stress management techniques, tapping, mindful movement like yoga, tai chi, or Qi Gong. You can take your sessions outside on a walk, in your car, before a meeting, or in bed.

Our goal is to help you live more deeply, whatever that takes.

In conclusion

We hope that you now have a better understand of what meditation coaching is, and what a meditation coach does when working with clients. Indeed, it goes far beyond simply teaching people to observe the breath, or working with basic mindfulness exercises.

Meditation coaching is all about the personal connection, about listening and being flexible.

It's about helping you to get in touch with the healing power within yourself, and training you to build your own mindfulness practice based on techniques and practices that have been proven to work in your own life.

We know that with mental health, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

It all comes down to you.

We are simply the mirrors, reflecting back the beautiful healing presence within your own heart.

What technique, approach, and style is going to be most healing and beneficial for you?

We're excited to help you find out.

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Start Working with a Meditation Coach

Choose a guide who is right for you and schedule a first session for free!

Calm Scholar makes finding a meditation coach easy. We offer a diverse team of guides and will help you find the guide right for you. All of our sessions are virtual and one-on-one with the guide of your choice.


Your personal guide will take the time to get to know you and why you are looking to meditate in the first place. Whether it is unaddressed trauma, grief, or a sense of disconnection that is causing you to look towards meditation, your guide will use meditation and mindfulness to bring healing and acceptance to the areas you need it most. 

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