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A 30-minute one-on-one session

What to Expect During Your Free Session

During your free session your meditation guide will introduce themself, but more importantly, they will ask you some questions and get to know you so that they can learn what you are looking for and begin helping you right away. You will be led through a guided meditation and will be given the opportunity to give your feedback and ask any questions you have.

What to Expect After Your Free Session

At the end of the session your coach will your coach will make some recommendations for you to practice moving forward, and will discuss how you could work together in the future. This will include an explanation of what you would work on together, and a recommended number of sessions, duration of each session, cost, etc. After your free session, you can expect to $140 for a one-hour session, or $800 for 8 one-hour sessions. 

A Message from Lynette

As your coach I help you create a deeply sacred space within where you can find the deep inner wisdom and be able to access it when needed.  I support you in revealing the best version of yourself.  You will be moving from your mind to your heart and live from empowered creatorship while releasing self-imposed restrictions of the outer world.  


Accountability is one of the most impactful aspects of the long-term benefits of coaching.  For that reason, I prefer to work with clients for a minimum of 8 sessions.  Having a regular check-in to see celebrate forward movement and growth and examine any setbacks from a learning perspective. For some people, it's the loving support of being heard and knowing someone is holding their vision as whole and achievable.

If you are ready to take a bold move forward in life, please sign up for a complementary 30 min session to see if I am the right coach to walk beside you on this journey of self-awakening.  

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30-Minute Meditation Session

A typical meditation session with Lynette costs between $50-$70 but we want you to try your first session for free to make sure this is right for you!

*Please Read

In order to respect our coaches' time and reduce no-shows, we have implemented a cancellation-fee policy. For this reason, we require payment details when reserving your session. 

With that said, attending your session is still 100% free and by scheduling a call you are not signing up for any future payments or subscriptions. 

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