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Jill Disser

I am a mindful meditation coach, trained to assist you on your meditation journey. Through guided sessions and positive support, I can help you to explore the world of meditation while also forming a deeper connection with your true self.

Personal Message

My intention is to help you experience, through my guided meditation, whatever relief you are looking for today, in this moment. But more than that, I want you to be able to carry your experience throughout your day, especially if you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed.


You may come to me with so much on your mind but will leave with a sense of calm and a path ahead.


I hope you join me in my MAP Room where we set in motion Mindfulness, Adaption and Peacefulness.


From the very first time I heard, “You have cancer” my life changed. Initially, I was in shock and denial. Then reality hit. I realized that I needed to take care of myself - to make myself a priority.


It was then that I started meditating daily. During my practice, I have been able to ease my pain, anxiety and stress and boost my mood. It would have been so easy to give up or give in, to throw in the towel, to let it rule my life and rule how I thought. It is easy to feel sorry for ourselves, to let illness or pain steal our passion, steal our personality, steal our joy, steal our very lives.


But we need to look at life from a different perspective, a different angle, a different lens – a lens of strength and courage and hope and faith and trust.


Because I am a breast cancer survivor, I am uniquely able to help others living with illness, disease and pain. I want be your guide, bringing you inside of yourself. I will take you within gently so you can find yourself relaxing - all in a safe and supported frame of mind.


Meditation is a practice. Like any set of skills you want to acquire, it takes practice and persistence. There is no magic pill. If there were, everyone would be taking it! I can coach you to be more accepting, more open to whatever life brings you - good and bad, pleasure and difficulty, comfort and discomfort. And I can help lead you on the path to better physical and emotional health.

Note from Calm Scholar

Jill's passion for meditation coaching shines through. Having dealt with her own struggles, she has seen first hand how much meditation was able to help her through tough times, and is now committed to helping others to experience the benefits of meditation. 

Jill is highly skilled in helping those who are really struggling, especially as it pertains to their physical and mental health. But she also has a very welcoming approach to meditation which makes her a good fit for anyone looking to start meditating.  She has a vast array of custom guided meditations and will help guide you no matter what you are going through.

We would recommend working with Jill if you are: 

  • Dealing with a sickness, disease, chronic pain, etc.

  • Struggling with grief or other hardships

  • Looking for help in coming to peace with aging

Areas of Specialty

I have a special focus on helping anyone living and coping with an illness or disease or discomfort.


Meditation has both physiological and psychological benefits. Just the act of slowing down and focusing the mind on a singular sensation has the power to reduce stress and anxiety. By using the power of visualization in a meditative state, you can accelerate the healing process in your body and / or gain the perspective needed to overcome hardship. I utilize breath work, visualizations, body-scan meditations, contemplations, inner prompts and journeys.

I specialize in helping bring peace to those who are dealing with:

  • Cancer

  • Chronic pain / discomfort

  • Grief

  • Illness / disease

  • Aging

  • Stress

I have experience leading meditations on losing a loved one, an aging parent, bringing joy and happiness, patience, gratitude, creativity, courage, clarity, trust and calm / peace.


Besides one-on-one coaching (which I call heart-to-heart), I lead support groups and coach corporate clients to deal with stress. I am passionate in what I do. 

Certifications and Credentials

I am a Certified Meditation Facilitator - The Guided Meditation Framework 


The Guided Meditation Framework is an online guided meditation facilitator training, group coaching program & community, designed to produce confident guided meditation facilitators. The program is specifically focused on enabling coaches, therapists & practitioners to utilize targeted, outcome-oriented guided meditations in 1-on-1 sessions, workshops & retreats, following a unique method developed by Heather Hayward in her +17 years as a Results Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist.


The Guided Meditation Framework is accredited and approved by CCE, Continuing Coach Education, International Coach Federation, CAMFT Approved Continuing Education Provider and IMMA International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance.


I am always continuing my education in their Immersive Leadership Academy which includes Immersive Coach Training. In addition, the other component of the Guided Meditation Framework is the community, group coaching & mentorship, featuring Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Heather Hayward & Hunter Varnum, where I can chat with them & other students and graduates, and get expert feedback & strategic advice to ensure I have the knowledge and confidence I need to implement my meditation facilitator training.

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