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Eboni Hinnant

Always within, never without.

Personal Message

I am committed to learning who YOU are, who YOU have been, and who you WANT to become; in order to create, cultivate, and celebrate a life that is uniquely yours! Let’s laugh, learn, and listen to one another as we embark on this journey. I am not only meeting you where you are, I love you there!

I invite clients who are students, Parents. families, and / or in the fields of Education, Health, and Entrepreneurship to practice Mindfulness with ease. I invite anyone interested in, not just doing better, but, becoming better.


I am an educator, artist, and writer bringing a unique approach to mindfulness. 

I was brought to meditation through a pure and unique experience. After enduring surgery for my Scoliosis at the age of 14, I used mindful meditation, breath work, visualization, and chakra focused work to deal with chronic pain, anxiety, and keeping up with my academics.


My journey has brought me to bring Mindful Education to schools and communities utilizing a variety of mediums such as art and music to teach mindfulness.


I love working with clients who are open and eager to cultivating self love, confidence, and true peace with an appreciation for all of life’s challenges (i.e. anxiety, physical limitations, trauma, etc.). 

Note from Calm Scholar

Sarjeet is a true healer who lives a life dedicated to meditation and helping others. He has been meditating his entire life and has spent the last ten years leading in-person sessions and retreats to help clients overcome anxiety and depression, and lead better lives. Sarjeet's knowledge of traditional meditation techniques is extremely deep - he can draw on yoga, breathwork, and meditation practices that he's lived and used for a lifetime. He offers an extremely calming presence and will meet you where you are at to help you experience peace and relief.


Before Sarjeet led a meditation for us, he closed his eyes and said  'this is a beautiful opportunity for both of us.' That sums up Sarjeet's genuine love for using meditation to bring greater connection and peace to the world.

We would recommend working with Eboni if you are looking to: 

  • Get help with pain, depression, anxiety, chakra balancing, etc. 

  • Draw upon his knowledge of over 50 specific pranayama (breathwork) and meditation techniques

  • Work with someone who is dedicated to a life of meditation and helping others

Areas of Specialty

I specialize in helping people with anxiety, trauma, confidence, and manifestation.


I use a variety of styles and techniques, including mindfulness, breath-work, neurographic art, heartfulness meditation (cleansing, heart-centered), hatha yoga, body scans, visualizations.


As an educator and teacher, I am experienced bringing mindfulness to parents and educators, as well as children ages 5-17

You will benefit working with me if: 

  • You have never practiced Mindfulness or Meditation and are looking to learn its impact on the brain and body (Anyone!)

  • You experience anxiety from work or life experiences such as a toxic environment, trauma, or difficult relationship (Anyone, Students, Parents, Educators, Entrepreneurs and more!)

  • You are looking to open your heart to receive love, move with love, or show love (Anyone!) 

  • You are not interested in following the status Quo and want to learn how to meditate for *you* (Anyone, Creatives!) 

  • You enjoy music, art, laughter and creating an experience that works best for you! (ANYONE!)

Certifications and Credentials

  • Mindful Education - Mission Be (A non profit that brings Mindfulness to Families and Schools)

  • 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher - Blue Yoga

  • Early Childhood Care and Education - ECETP, University at Albany 

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