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Lynette Sprowls

Get help with depression, anxiety, pain, grief, etc.

Develop self-love, self-worth and self-trust 

Receive a holistic approach towards better health and wellness


Neona Flo

Open your mind to explore your spirit and self 

Experience a body and mind approach

Explore other modalities in addition to meditation, such as energy healing, intuitive medicine, etc.

Sarjeet Dagar

Get help with pain, depression, anxiety, grief, breakups, addictions, etc.

Practice breathing techniques

Balance your inner energies


Jill Disser

Gain peace towards your sickness, disease, chronic pain, etc.

Get help with grief and other hardships

Get help with stress, anxiety, and acceptance

IMG_20220501_122043-modified (1).png

Nathalia Chirstensen

Get help with stress and anxiety

Practice breathing techniques

Practice self-love and get help with inner child healing

Lisa Photo-modified.png

Lisa Kawalec

Work through trauma and PTSD

Revive your playfulness, curiosity, and joy

Receive support in growing and maintaining the wellness of your body, mind, and spirit

How much does it cost?

What can I expect during my free session?

What can I expect after my first session?

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